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If you are looking for a SEO company to take your business to the next level, look no further. We’ve been creating and implementing expert SEO solutions since 2022.

Results-Driven Search Engine Optimization

Cavenaugh Media delivers tailored local search engine optimization solutions designed to amplify your marketing endeavors. Our primary objective is to enhance your online visibility and furnish actionable insights for sustained growth. Whether you operate a small boutique or a large enterprise, SEO remains a cornerstone in nurturing brand vitality and competitiveness. If you’re seeking a trusted Texas-based SEO partner to propel your business forward, your search ends here. Reach out to us today to explore the full spectrum of our SEO services!

Our SEO Process

Phase 1: Build A Strong Website

There is no “one size fits all” approach to web design. We work with each of our customers throughout the design and development stages to make sure the end product helps grow your business.

Phase 2: Create Content Worth Sharing

From blog posts to service/product highlights, targeted social media messaging to SEO keyword copywriting, we know what it takes to generate leads and grow your brand!

Phase 3: Establish Trust

We help customers find your business by creating the most complete, rich, and accurate presence on search engines, maps, social media, and local directories.

Phase 4: Audit & Optimize

A website audit provides a quick and easy to follow plan that will highlight the areas in which your website is strong and the areas in which it needs to be improved to stay in the top search engine rankings.

Need Help Getting
Started With SEO?

At Cavenaugh Media, we understand the importance of getting your business seen by potential customers. That’s why we offer a wide range of services designed to help you get the most out of your online presence. One of our most popular services is our SEO campaign setup. We’ll work with you to identify your target keywords and create content that is designed to rank highly in search engines. In addition, we’ll help you to optimize your website for maximum visibility. We know that the world of SEO can be complex and confusing, but our team of experts will make sure that your campaign is a success. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get the most out of your online marketing efforts.

What Does An SEO Package Include?

Our results-driven search engine ranking process has been refined and proven to be successful for every small business and drives organic traffic that converts into sales leads and revenue. Professional SEO services require a dedicated team with experience in online marketing and branding. All of our employees are located in Texas and our team is made up of web designers, copywriters, and graphic designers who work together to help grow your business.

What are people searching on Google to find the product or service you offer? Can you distill what you do, or the product you offer, down to a word or two effectively, and use those words well in your website content? We use various keyword research tools to identify high-volume keywords as well as long-tail keywords that might provide a lot of opportunity if targeted.
Your customers use social media, and you need to interact with them to influence their purchase decisions. Social media management is the engine that pushes your brand to the right audience. We help you with the most popular social media sites so you can interact with your customers.
Good content gets people interested; great content gets talked about (and shared). The core of SEO lies in content and interaction. It used to be just a matter of enough words on a page, and hitting the right keywords, but this isn’t the case any more with various search engine algorithm updates. Your content needs to make sense, be relevant to the targeted subject, and compel interaction. We focus on this with our copywriting: a useful blog that people will share is a hundred times more valuable than a poorly-written post stuffed with keywords.
To gain more visibility for your business on Google, consider the addition of a 360° virtual tour. As a Google Trusted Photographer, Cavenaugh Media has the tools and expertise to create a dynamic 360° tour of your business. Enhance your Google listing and turn searchers into customers. Click here to see virtual tours that Cavenaugh Media has created for our clients and learn more about the benefits.
Cavenaugh Media utilizes a custom SEO reporting dashboard that integrates with Google Analytics to monitor keyword rankings, perform weekly website audits, and analyze competitor websites. This custom SEO Report enables you to see how specific keywords impact your traffic.

Cavenaugh Media Marketing also creates client listings in numerous online business directories like Google My Business, Yellow Pages & Angie’s List to significantly boost a company’s local online presence. Our primary goal is to increase visibility and local citation submissions are a great method for achieving this goal. Contact us today to see how your business appears across the internet.

You can trust Cavenaugh Media Marketing to keep your website up-to-date and functioning with the latest security updates. We take the stress out of maintaining your website. Our customer support team handles all of the updates to your website so you can focus on running your business.


Award Winning SEO Company

Cavenaugh Media started out as a college business to now one of the best in class SEO companies in Dallas, Texas. Although we have grown exponentially and expanded significantly over the last several years, we’ve stuck to the same core values that helped us serve our customers from day one.


Boost Website Authority & Stay Relevant.

At Cavenaugh Media, we believe that organic search is the most efficient and effective way to draw web traffic. By optimizing your site for search engines you can rank higher without having to pay for ads. This not only saves you money but also gives you a lasting source of traffic.

Done-For-You SEO Company For Every Local Business

It’s important to have an understanding of how your SEO efforts are performing. That’s where our platform comes in – with our platform, you’ll be able to see your top rankings and track your organic traffic so you can see which marketing strategies are converting customers without needing to do anything.
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