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Set Your Business Apart With A Modern, User-Friendly Website. Our websites are designed to load fast, create new leads, and look great.

Invest In Your Website & Create More Leads

To succeed in today’s digital landscape, your website must seamlessly convert casual browsers into potential leads and transform mere Google searches into delighted customers. With the vast majority of searches conducted on mobile devices, it’s imperative that your website caters to this demographic. While it may seem straightforward due to our reliance on smartphones and tablets for daily activities, ensuring your website is responsive and functionally dynamic across all devices requires expertise. This is where Cavenaugh Media excels. Our team possesses the knowledge and skills to craft visually appealing, fully optimized websites that drive lead generation.

Our Website design process is simple and we’re with you each step of the way!

Phase 1: GATHER

The information gathering process helps us determine your goals, who your customers are, and how the information about the company should be presented. This is a crucial step to determine the overall scope of the website and how it should be designed to best represent the brand. The more information we receive, the better the end result.

Phase 2: BUILD

During the design phase, we will begin building a working version of the website. The initial website will either be built with an under construction page or a temporary domain, so it doesn’t affect what your customers see while the site is being built. This is where you will see your vision come to life and have the opportunity to make suggestions.

Phase 3: LAUNCH

When the website has been finalized and approved, the site will go through a stringent “Quality Assurance” process. Then we will make the website live and move into the website maintenance phase. Clients that have selected additional marketing with our search engine optimization services, will transition into our SEO updates.

Tailored Small Business Web Design Solutions

At Cavenaugh Media, we recognize that one size does not fit all when it comes to web design. Our approach involves collaborating closely with each client throughout the design and development phases to ensure the final product effectively drives business growth. Have questions about web design or online marketing? Explore our FAQs page!

Why Choose Us as Your Web Designer

What distinguishes Cavenaugh Media from other design firms is our dedication to deeply understanding your products and services. We believe our work is most impactful when we fully grasp your message and focus on delivering it effectively to your target audience. With extensive experience serving small to medium-sized businesses across various industries, we possess the expertise needed to excel in our craft.

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